WFGC Hotel


Welcome to the WFGC Hotel Lobby.

This online anthology includes 16 short stories, all set in the same multi-dimensional hotel that shifts to fit any timeline or genre.

After checking in, feel free to visit the rooms listed below or tag along with some of the staff. We have rooms suited to every need, from fantasy to sci-fi, thriller to romance. Don’t forget to say hello to the cigar-chewing goat.

Logo design by James Neal.

Room 911 Banshee Rebel
J.S. Williams, Dark Fantasy

A young girl from 6th century Ireland escapes to the future, running from the witch who bound her soul into slavery.

Rooms 709/707 The Reluctant Apprentice
Brian C.E. Buhl, Fantasy

We’ve all heard the tale of an orphan getting told that he’s a wizard. But what happens if that orphan needs a lot of extra convincing?

Room 531 The Were-Chihuahua & the Hospitality Squid
Chris Henderson-Bauer, Sci-fi

A tiny dog befriends a mega squid in an unusual hotel, but their human halves can’t decide whether to flirt or flee. While they bicker, a shady merchant—and the dark secrets of their pasts—are closing in.

Room 505 My Turn
Paul Saylor, Paranormal Sci-fi

As a Demon, Eerie is used to manipulating the minds and souls of others. But now in a strange hotel, it is she who is being toyed with. But why? To find out, she must make her way through the nonsensical floors filled with odd and comical characters who test her limits.

Room 426 Room 426
Crystal L. Kirkham, Paranormal

Aaron has been haunted by the ghosts of Room 426 ever since a double homicide happened there a year ago. Determined to find a way to free himself from these ghosts, he goes to the hotel to perform a ritual that will allow him to change the past. But even the best-laid plans rarely go the way you expect.

Room 404 Vacation Interruptus
Rhiannon Amberfyre, Adult Eclectic

Driving an actor—and her high school crush—to Vegas is not this bodyguard’s idea of a vacation. But the job should be easy as long as she doesn’t kill him. Then they check into an odd hotel and meet one overzealous minor mafia hit man.

Room 360 Goddess on Holiday
Erin Grey, Fantasy

The goddess Artemis is tired of being the go-to deity for pregnancy, chastity, hunting, and animals. She attempts a surreptitious holiday at the WFGC hotel, only to discover that, when you’re a goddess, there is nowhere to hide… but also that, as the times change, so can one’s calling.

Room 219 Soul Bone
Ja-Mel Vinson, Fantasy

It’s said that the dead live on in memories. For Avery Sinclair, that’s not enough. Intent on keeping herself in the world of the living, she tethers her soul to her body with potions made of bones and swears to not kill—but what’s a girl to do with no corpses to pull from?

Room 201 The Face of the Hotel
Michael Lee Morrison, Sci-fi

Young and uneducated, Sammy had trouble finding a job. Yet the hotel owner wasn’t looking for a college grad or even a high school grad to fill his doorman position. He simply needed someone who could open a door with a smile. But Sammy provided more than a smile. Sammy came with those eyes. Those kind eyes…

Room 153 Redneck Rhapsody
A.H. Kennedy, Redneck Humor

After years of working her fingers to the bone, Suellen has enough money to pay off her farm. Her world turns upside down when she discovers that her safe is missing along with her worthless brother-in-law. She follows him to a hotel where she will have to use her southern redneck ingenuity to get her money back.

Room 108 The Triad and The Queen
Lin Lustig, Urban Fantasy

This super-hearing heroine is done being used by her supernatural employers, but her early retirement is interrupted when peace between the three species shatters in her absence. If they need her that much then she definitely deserves a raise… or rather, a throne.

Room 68 Out of Time
Katrina T. Putnam, NA Romance

Two former lovers are on the run from the henchmen of an oppressive, mystical force after the biggest heist they’ve ever pulled…and their last as a team. They seek refuge in hotel teeming with the extraordinary. With nothing but time to kill as they wait out their pursuers, they find more than they expect during their stay.

Room T-12 The Fantastic First Flight of Ferdinand Turnwitz
Jessica Marie PS, Fantasy

While on a trip with his father at a tiny hotel tree, teenage chipmunk Ferdinand Turnwitz ditches his dad for an aerial adventure with his new fairy friend, Thea.

Owner – The Machine
James Neal, Sci-fi

Martin Graine pursued happiness—and found it when he built an extravagant hotel. Now, a stranger wishes to use his creation for mysterious reasons. Can Martin release his hard-fought freedom for a higher calling?

Cleaning Staff – This Time
Mae Baum, Fantasy

A vampire maid has a cranky, hungry start to her shift. Hoping to catch a bite to eat, she discovers someone unexpected behind door number two. Will she give in to an old flame or can she summon the courage to walk away?

Kitchen Staff – Pot and Plans

Lachlan Watt, Crime with a Touch of Weirdness

Ern Malley pursued the dishwashing trade because it was the least possible responsibility he could assume. One fateful night, he finds himself thrown into every tough situation he’s ever tried to avoid. Will he survive? Does someone have it in for him? What secrets is the room service girl hiding? Will the line chef ever get that frying pan he’s been hollering for?

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